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Movies: Signal Director:  Cast:  Production Co:  Genres: mystery ; romance ; youth Runtime:  Country: Japanese Release Date: 2012 
A young woman named Ruka (Azusa Mine) hasn't been able to leave a theater where she has worked as a projectionist for the last 3 years. Keisuke (Takahiro Nishijima) is a university student in Tokyo. During his summer break he begins to work at the cinema where Ruka stays. Keisuke becomes attracted to Ruka ... 
1. Based on the novel "Signuaru" ("Signal"wink.gif by Hisashi Sekiguchi (first published by Gentosha, February, 2008)
2. Azusa Mine makes her acting debut in "Sigunaru ~ Getsuyobi no Ruka".
3. Filming took place in a 100 year old theater in Niigata, Japan.